Tower Survey to Locate Closest Cell Towers

Let us survey your closest 4G cell towers and suggest LTE routers & antennas
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Cellular Tower Surveys

You have arrived at the correct place if you need a tower survery report to locate your closest cellular tower. We have years of cellular systems experience and can assist you in mapping a path to local towers.

Are you one of the millions of people without affordable broadband and need to find your closest cellular tower? Maybe you have heard about using LTE as a way to get faster internet and do not know where to start?

Or, maybe you are like many and moving further out into a rural area. You will need to know which cellular carriers are available. You can look at the carrier coverage maps, but they only give you a general idea and never show their tower locations.

Read on and learn what others in your above situations are doing!

We offer a tower survey that shows the exact location of your closest cell tower. Each report is created by a real human researching databases, not some software program being fed numbers. We include headings, latitude, longitude and other information needed to point your LTE antennas.

The first place to start is making sure you have a cell tower in range. You can try the "hit and miss" method, where you think you know, kind of like throwing a dart at a map. Or, you could take the hassle out of the process with a ready made cellular tower survey. A survey prepared by our team will allow you to see "exactly" where the cellular towers are and what, if any obstacles are in the path to the tower.

Let us take the guess work out of learning about:

  • Your elevation, tower elevation and height
  • Recommended height of your own cellular antennas
  • Cell tower antenna orientation in relation to your own antennas

Your custom PDF Report contains the following information for each tower:

  • Carrier Name
  • Miles to tower
  • Heading in Degrees to Tower
  • Latitude & Longitude of Home & Tower
  • Elevation of Home and Tower
  • Height of Carrier Antenna on Tower
  • Graph with Terrain Overview
  • Obstructions (if any)

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